Living Well Starts With Self Care

We're three friends from Hoboken and NYC with a shared mission to bring affordable and transparent Hemp products to those who need them.

Living and working out of the Big Apple will take a toll on anyone, and we found ourselves looking for solutions to that stress. Dismayed by the lack of transparency in the industry, we decided to start The Hoboken Hemp Co.

At Hoboken Hemp, we believe that great living starts with great self care - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Recognizing the challenges people face today, we have taken the care to design products around the speed at which we live. We are meticulous about the plants we choose, where they're grown, and how they're used. 

We take care in what we do, so that you can be at your best, always.

Second to none in quality, purity, and strength.

There are many options in the CBD market, but you'll find that we are a little different. Our products are tested seven times from when the plant enters the soil to when the final product is shipped. The end result is safe, natural, and clean.

Want to chat with an actual human being? We're here. Drop us a line.

We want you to have a great CBD experience, and we’re more than happy to help you through the process. And if you aren't satisfied after we've given you time to give it a real, honest try, we’ll take it back.

That’s our promise.

We Believe That Details Matter

  • 1
    Grown in the U.S.

    We work with a small collective of farms in Kentucky to bring you the highest quality hemp available.

  • 2
    Crafted With Care

    The ingredients and final product are tested 7 times between seed and sale. Our proprietary technology isolates & removes any unwanted components, while maintaining the potency levels of other cannabinoids.

  • 3
    Bottled And Packaged

    All products are formulated in certified facilities. Solutions are tested and bottled with care.

  • 4
    Delivered Directly To You

    We ship and deliver only the latest batch to you. We make sure that every package that is shipped out is handled with care, with third-party lab results available to you online.